Scientifically Proven Sailing is the Best Holiday Ever

Holidays are Essential to our Well-being

7 Proven Steps to Holiday Heaven

Why Sailing is the Best Holiday Ever – Scientifically Proven

Sailing Happiness Research

We had a hunch. Sailing is the best holiday ever, we would say that wouldn’t we, but could we prove it? Not only could we prove it, but we could also provide the ultimate guide. We are going to level with you and you are not going to find a reviewed meta analysis here, yet we think we make a pretty good case.

Holidays are pretty great already. Yet as research finds out more about the human mind, we can crank up the enjoyment factor. When we match the research to sailing we find a great fit confirming sailing as the best holiday ever.

7  Steps to Holiday Heaven

We offer a list of scientifically researched 7 steps for getting the most bliss out of your precious holiday, and returning without needing a holiday to get over your holiday!

Tip 1. Planning is the Best Part!

As we have already established, even the planning can get you excited for the upcoming holiday. Researching what the different options are and seeing al the beautiful places you can go really gets you dreaming. No worrying about things that won’t go as expected.

Tip 2: Ditch the Not Fun Stuff

A famous article by the satirical newspaper ‘The Onion’ famously wrote “Mom Spends Beach Vacation Assuming All Household Duties In Closer Proximity To Ocean.” 

It’s humouring us, because it’s something too many of us can relate to. 

Sailing as a group is the perfect opportunity to share the culinary (and other) duties -why not share the cost of a chef or hostess? Or both! 

Coordinate with your spouse to trade off kid duties here and there so each partner can read solo on the beach for an hour or so, in between refereeing sandcastle squabbles.

Tip 3. Outsource the Worse

Not everything is fun. The anticipation is fun, the deciding and the choosing is fun. Yet travelling through 100’s and 100’s of deals, going around in circles, waiting for answers on how to protect against not being able to travel – these are not so fun. Find yourself a great agent and let them do what they are good at.

Of course, that is where Sailchecker comes in. It’s our job and we know all the ins and outs of all the deals. Let us do the hard yards, whilst you have fun.

Tip 4: Do new things

You have the time to imagine; you have the time to dream, think of the places and things you would love to do. Allow the journey creating those things nourish you.

Sailing itself is new for many booking with us, yet we, of course, have experienced hands around too. Still I am yet to cruise a destination without finding new and exciting things to do. From Eco tours on kayaks in the Florida Keys to a family-owned rum distillery in the BVI – don’t let your vacations become stale – embrace to the new.

Tip 5: Keep Life Simple

Whilst it could be tempting to book that trip of a lifetime, research increasingly finds that we return to previous happiness levels fairly quickly (we spend life on the “hedonic treadmill”), and so smaller pleasures experienced frequently contribute more to overall well-being than major but less infrequent ones.

Tip 6: Little and often (if you can)

We find out clients, having invested in elements of the vacation such as flights, they are keen to maximise their time sailing. Other research study found that the health and wellness benefits of a vacation peaked at about eight days in. 

Tip 7: Fill you days

Researchers asking people to report their moods throughout the day found that they were happiest when relaxing, socializing, exercising, doing spiritual activities, and eating (oh, and when engaged in “intimate relations” as well). 

It goes without saying, sailing is the perfect time for great food, quiet contemplation,  relaxed reading, and best of all, connecting the people you are sailing with. Sailing can be the most filled days you can imagine too. It goes without saying to ensure you have a good supply of books, why not consider booking a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), and ensure you have tip-top snorkelling equipment to keep you busy. 

Bonus Tip. End on a High Note

Sounds pretty obvious, and those who work in the industry on tips, don’t need to be advised of this!

The human mind gives disproportionate consideration to things that happened last in a series. Known as the recency effect, this means the end of a vacation is more easily recalled than the beginning. 

In an article The Smartest Way to Take a Vacation, the Wall Street Journal suggested using this phenomenon to consciously end vacations with a bang. We suggest planning your big at the marinas top restaurant for your final night, not your first.

Bonus Tip. Splurge on the way Home. Another way to take advantage of the recency effect is to find ways to make your journey home better than the way out. You could book a limousine transfer to the airport and a VIP lounge when you get there. Have your car delivered to you on the way back, avoiding those bus rides to the compounds.

After a week at sea, relaxing hard, if you have the budget, look for ways to ease that journey home. If you’re only going to upgrade once, splurge on the business class seat on the way home, not the way there. Isn’t that a way to end your best holiday ever in style?

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