The largest island in the Seychelles, Mahe gets a little less hype than Praslin. However, that just means all the gorgeous beaches, charming towns, and mountain trails can be enjoyed without a crowd! Our Seychelles Sailing Itinerary will start from Mahé, and take you all throughout one of the most stunning archipielagos in the world.

Our Guide to the Seychelles Sailing Itinerary - Mahé Route

Home to Seychelles capital, Victoria, Mahé certainly has plenty to keep visitors busy. However these ancient islands still provide an amazing getaway, filled with the best beaches and some incredible natural wonders.

When the British General, Khartoum first visited Seychelles in 1881, he believed he’d found the Garden of Eden. You too, will find yourself immersed in lush beautiful scenery. Our Seychelles Sailing Itinerary brings you to the Unesco World Heritage-listed Vallée de Mai, where you can see the native coco de mer nuts. In addition to the prehistoric palm forests, you’ll find sea turtles, broad stretches of sand, and coral reefs in Seychelles. In the past years, conservation efforts have ramped up in order to protect the amazing ecosystems to which Seychelles are home.

Getting There

The best way to get to Seychelles is by flying into their international airport, on Mahé. Their international terminal has service for quite a few large airlines, such as Emirates and Etihad. If you’d like more information, or you need help planning your flights, check out the Seychelles International Airport website.


The best sailing weather for the Seychelles Sailing Itinerary is year-round! With temperatures ranging from 24°C to 32°C, Seychelles is always warm.

Instead of varying temperatures, seasons in Seychelles are marked by winds. From October to April, northwest winds bring warm, wet weather. From May to September, cooler, dry, windier weather blows in from the southeast. For the in-between months, March - April and October - November, weather is calm with low wind.  


Mooring on the Seychelles Sailing Itinerary is a bit limited. The ports in many of the islands are very small and may have room for just a few boats. You will only find large marinas in Mahé and Praslin.

In both Mahé and Praslin, you can find moorings at the Eden Island Marina or the Praslin Marina, respectively. They are both operated by the same company. As this marina caters to luxury yachts their fees might be a bit steep. While in Praslin we also recommend Cote D’Or beach.

For La Digue, you can find anchorages in Petite or Grande Anse. The main port of Digue also has mooring space but only can fit 3 or 4 yachts at any given time.

In Curieuse you can stay in the marine park for a fee of SCR 250 per night in Baie Laraie. If you head to Saint Pierre, it is still part of the Curieuse Marine National Park and will be subject to the same fees.

In Felicite, you should just look for a safe anchorage to moor overnight, and as you will be "free-swinging," there will be no fee!

In Grande Soeur, there is no permission needed for landing, but landing fees are around SCR 400 per person, and visitors should contact the island manager pre-landing.

For more information about mooring at the various locations in our Seychelles Itinerary, click here.