The French Riviera is an area of coastline in the South of France that stretches 560 miles from the Italian border to Saint Tropez. The French Riviera is one of the world's most luxurious sailing destinations, filled with history, culture, colorful buildings, turquoise oceans, sandy beaches, and vibrant resort towns. 

Our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary explores the world-class resorts along with the quiet and tranquil sites. The French Riviera is the perfect sailing destination for everyone with its luxury towns and villages, world-class marinas, and charming destinations. 

Our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary

Our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary begins at Port Pin Rolland Marina, then heads towards the protected island of Embiez, then back to Cassis and Calanque de Morgiou, then onto the vibrant and popular Old Harbour of Marseille, La Ciotat and Bandol before heading back. 

Sailing our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary is a once in a lifetime experience, with historic sites, beaches to relax on, caves to explore, vibrant harbours, natural wonders, and turquoise waters waiting to be discovered. 

Getting There

There are a number of options of how to reach the starting point of our French Riviera Sailing Itinerary: there are two airports located close to the starting point, Toulon-Hyeres Airport and Marseille Provence Airport. Toulon-Hyeres Airport is located 23 miles or 40 minutes from the marina and serves a number of locations including Amsterdam, Paris, Southampton, Geneva, Copenhagen, and Strasbourg. Marseille Provence Airport is located 1 hour 20 minutes or 57 miles from the marina and has daily flights to/from Greece, Ireland, France, UK, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Turkey, and Portugal.


The weather in the French Riviera Sailing Itinerary is a Mediterranean climate, with mild wet winters and an average temperature of 5c. The summers are warm and sunny with an average temperature of 28c.


Mooring in the French Riviera is a mixture of world-class marinas, with all the best facilities, and quiet bays perfect for dropping anchor and relaxing.