Renown for its beautiful rolling landscapes, Italy’s wine country has plenty for travellers to enjoy. Countless vineyards, exquisite roman and etruscan architecture, and incredible ocean views. Head south, and Tuscany merges with Italy’s Amalfi Coast. If you’re a history lover, a beach bum or an active explorer, our Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary has something for you!

Our Guide to the Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary - Tuscany Route

Welcome to Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast, where you can enjoy every sensory pleasure Italy has to offer. With beautiful colored buildings and lush fields of grapes and grains, Tuscany is a great starting place. Spend time visiting countless museums, cathedrals, and archeological sites. Explore your gastronomic curiosities with Italy’s amazing cuisine, or sit under the tuscan sun for your fill of vitamin D.

Moving away from the shore, you’ll find nothing but beautiful blue ocean on the Amalfi Coast. Pass your time by cruising the Mediterranean, the perfect way to spend the day if you ask us. Craggy coastline and adorable mountainous villages make up the Amalfi Coast, so once you tire of sailing, you can be sure that you’ll find something wonderful ashore.

Getting There

For either the Amalfi Sailing Itinerary departing from Naples, the closest airport is Naples International Airport. The airport offers flights from all over Europe including the UK, Paris, Spain and other destinations. Naples Airport is around 9 miles or a 17 minute drive from Naples and the port. We recommend you reach the city center via transfer or taxi from Naples International Airport.


The moorings in our Amalfi Coast Sailing Itinerary, are mainly within world class marinas, with superb facilities and luxurious environments.


The weather on the Amalfi Coast is a Mediterranean Climate with warm sunny summers and mild winters. Which makes it the idea destination to the Amalfi Sailing Itinerary from at anytime of year.