Private Gulet Charter

A very unique experience, on board a traditional wooden motorsailer

Private Gulet Charter

Our Guide to Private Gulet Charter

  • Destination

    The private gulet charter is very famous mostly in the Mediterranean countries. You will be able to sail on board traditional wooden ships, either old ones that have been rebuilt, or modern ones that still give you the retro feeling and provide you with a unique experience.

  • Duration of your Private Gulet Charter

    The private gulet charters are mostly run on a weekly basis. So the minimum charter is normally 7 nights and can go up to as many nights as you wish. The great thing about the gulets is that most of the times you are flexible enough to start/end on the day of your preference, and not strictly from Saturday to Saturday, as it happens with every typical charter in the Med.

  • Number of guests

    There is a wide range of gulets available in the market, and they can sleep from 4 to 50 guests on board. It’s always very important to specify the number of guests, as well as the number of kids on board, as there are many different types of gulets available, and some of them are more suitable for families, whilst others are ideal for couples or groups of adults.

  • Routes and Itineraries

    A gulet has both sails and big motors, so it’s easier to explore more places and cover longer distances, comparing to the typical sailing yachts. This means that you can plan your itinerary according to your needs and taste. What about a week in the Cyclades, or the Dodecanese, or exploring the magnificent Turkish Coastline? Or just fly to Split and do a one-way private gulet charter from Split to Dubrovnik, instead.

  • Budget

    The prices for a gulet charter can start from as low as 3000 EUR per week (+food and fuel expenses) and can go up to 15000 EUR per day. There’s a wide range of options and you can find something for everyone. SailChecker can offer the best prices on private gulet charter in Croatia, Turkey, and Greece.

Live a Unique Experience in the Mediterranean

Treat Yourself with a Private Gulet Charter


The Private Gulet Charter is very common in the Mediterranean countries, and more specifically, in Greece, Croatia, and Turkey.

You can find different types of gulets, suitable for every taste and needs, and explore the amazing coastline and islands of your favourite destination.

In Croatia, you can find a private gulet charter in Split, Dubrovnik, and Zadar and you can even book one-way charters from/to one of the above areas. We definitely recommend the one-way from Split to Dubrovnik, or vice versa, as it’s the best way to explore the Southern Dalmatian Islands.

In Greece, the different areas where you can find a private gulet charter are the Ionian Islands (mostly in Corfu), the Saronic Gulf, the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. There are always better prices in the Dodecanese, so we definitely recommend chartering your gulet from Kos, for instance, and sail to the Dodecanese islands or even to the Cyclades.

In Turkey, you can mostly find a private gulet charter from Bodrum and Goecek. Most Turkish operators also have bases in one or two Greek islands, so you could even embark in Bodrum and disembark in Kos. We recommend Turkey for those who want to add some extra value to their trip, as the prices are always lower, the gulets are of great quality, when you book with trust-worthy operators, and you can combine the Turkish Mediterranean coastline with the Greek islands.

Life on Board

The private gulet charter is ideal for big families or bigger groups of people that want to sail together on board one vessel.

You can find different types of cabins on every gulet, or even different category of cabins. Most gulets come with the standard double or twin cabins, with ensuite bathroom, but there are also others available with master cabins, triple cabins and so on.

There is a separate dining area, that can sit all the guests at the same time, plus, sunbeds on the deck, lounges, bars, even a jacuzzi! There is also plenty of different watersports and other activities you could try, which sometimes are already included in the price, or can be ordered at an extra cost.

The most important thing is that you will have your personal professional crew on board (at least 3 members) that will take care of everything and make sure that you have an unforgettable experience.

There are also different provisioning options so that everyone is satisfied. You can select between the half-board and full-board option, decide on the week’s menu, opt-in for an open bar during the cruise and more.

Events on Board

  • Parties or Weddings

The private gulet charter is ideal for those who want to throw a big party or even a wedding ceremony. The deck is very spacious and you will be able to accommodate all your guests on board. We can offer tailor-made events on board the gulet that perfectly meets your criteria, in your preferred destination, and make sure that you will have an unforgettable experience on your important day.

  • Thematic Cruises

Another great possibility on board your private gulet charter is to run a thematic sailing week. You can select from a wide range of possibilities, like “Sailing + Sightseeing”, “Family Holidays”, “Yoga Cruises” or even tailor-made ones, always considering your personal taste and needs.

Private Gulet Charter Fleet

Something for everyone

With a vast range of available private gulet charter options in the Mediterranean, you can definitely find the one that meets your criteria and satisfies your taste and needs.

You can find different sizes and different quality standards, depending on your budget. Normally, the boats have at least 3 members of crew and can accommodate from 2 to even 50 guests, in double, twin cabins, or single cabins, with ensuite bathrooms.

You can start your cruise from your preferred destination in Greece, Turkey, Croatia, as well, as Italy.

Indicative Yachts and Prices

Luxury Yacht Charter

*All prices are per boat, for one week. For more yacht options and exact prices, please contact us [email protected]

Gulet Charter - Flaka Sailing

Gulet Musandira II in Turkey

Prices from € 8,000 (All inclusive, 10 pax)

Gulet Play Fellow

Gulet Play Fellow in Croatia

Prices from € 18,000 (All inclusive, 8 pax)

Gulet Pulenat

Gulet Pulenat in Croatia: 

Prices from € 6,500 (All inclusive, 8 pax)

Gulet Erato

Gulet Erato in Greece

Prices from € 27,000 (+APA and VAT) max 19 guests

Find the Ideal Private Gulet Charter for You

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