How do you like your eggs in the morning?

♬ I like mine on the deck! ♬

And looking at the head image, who could possibly disagree… but how can you get yourself on a holiday like this

I have been asked to provide some details of a typical charter information. So… what about a gorgeous Top of the Range Benateau 50′?

Myth Busting

Myth 1: You have to have sailed before to do this.

Busted:  Almost every charter company in the world has a pool of skippers/captains.  If you book your yacht with a skipper they double up as you host and guide.  They always know the water really well and can introduce you to  sailing at your pace.  For more information on how to enjoy your first sailing holiday, write to our friendly staff at and someone will be very happy to answer all of your questions.

So where Can I Charter her?

There are too many to tell you about!  Where going to pick on one location.  But you can charter this yacht in The British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Bahamas, Cuba, Turkey and many more.


Getting There Taalintehdas.  You can Fly to the Capital Helsinki.  Your transfer to the Yacht Charter Base in Taalintehdas will take around 2 and half hours.  Transfers are often the dullest part of travel… not on this occasion!  Its one of the most scenic journeys you will have pleasure to take.


What will it cost?

Groups. Yacht Charter €2,900.  If you travel as a group, the yacht can sleep up to 9.  That means, if you fill the yacht, it’s just €323! (excludes end cleaning at €250 – not usually included in other quotes you will see.)

No Skipper.  If one of you doesn’t sail, then you will have to give up a cabin and hire a skipper.  The is looks a bit like this based on 8 traveling:

€2900 + €1,400 = €4,300 which equals €537.  So lets put that into perspective… You get a qualified sailor who knows the boat well, sailing tuition, local guide and host on a luxury yacht for under €600!

No Group.  So are you one of independent people, or maybe a group just looking for a sailing holiday.  Then there is Cabin Charter.  You can buy a Cabin (for 2) or  berth (for 1) and join with others.  Prices range from €700 pp.

There are a few companies that do this, and prices vary as there are different packages from Breakfast included, to All Inclusive.  If this type of holiday anywhere suits you, then get in touch! Just pop what you fancy into the Dream Maker at the top of our site, and we’ll do the rest from there.


Who are we?

SailChecker are much more that a price comparison and Yacht Charter Booking site.  We help people all around the world plan amazing trips giving them accurate and detailed advice, the vert best prices and availability  and strong customer service in ensuring everything goes well with the supplier we recommend.  We do all this free of charge.

Got This Far?

If your reading this, I genuinely hope we have sparked your interest in our passion.  Very few people get to the bottom blogs if their interest is not piqued! The challenge now is to ask you to follow up and get in touch.  We really can’t wait to help you have the most amazing sailing trip all around this amazing planet.

What have we missed?

Got a quick question?  Use the blog response (especially if you want to get more information like this) or just use the facebook dialogue if you use that platform.  DOn’t forget to check out our Twitter Feed too!

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