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Thank you for choosing to book Yacht Charter or Sailing Holiday with SailChecker. This acceptance of terms and booking guide is designed to ensure we are as transparent as we can be and everything goes as smoothly as possible. The form at the bottom of this page it allows us formally to take instructions to act on your behalf.

Better than Industry Standard.

We have designed and adapted the SailChecker booking system over time with you in mind. The result is a unique system that provides transparency and security, whilst being efficient and flexible. We believe that we match or exceed the standard industry conditions in every category.

Finalising Your Booking
How we use your information

The use of your information is limited to the pursuance of your booking.  We will only share your data with financial institutions officially connected to SailChecker.com only insofar as to complete your booking in a safe and secure manner.

Adding Security – Saving you Money

Your yacht is offered in the currency of the third party operator enabling us to lower prices. We can accept payment in any major currency through our currency exchange agent MoneyCorp. We hold currency accounts in  every major world currency, enabling payment in your currency of choice at commercial rates, without any exchange fees, transaction fees, or charges.

Finalising Your Booking
Adding Security – Saving you Money

Your yacht is offered in the currency of the third party operator enabling us to lower prices. We can accept payment in any major currency through our currency exchange agent MoneyCorp. We hold currency accounts in  every major world currency, enabling payment in your currency of choice at commercial rates, without any exchange fees, transaction fees, or charges.

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What Happens When Something Goes Wrong?
Making a complaint

Issues with yacht charters are rare, but they do happen. Important to know that SailChecker will support you on a Best Endeavours basis, for which we have a strong track record. Evidence shows that successfully complaining and gaining redress is far more likely with the support of an agent. It is important to note, that in all cases, any remedy lies with the charter operator.

Complaints about your charter should always be directed to the Fleet Operator in the first instance.  You can find more information here.

Dispute Resolution?

Should you wish to make a complaint against an operator, we are here to support you with our knowledge and experience. Whilst you will receive our full support, we are not able to complain on your behalf.

* Agent Pressure can lead to:
  • Caveats Imposed. In some cases, it may be sufficient to warn future customers of a particular issue with an operator and allow the customer to take this into consideration. For instance when one charterer has a poor experience, but the majority did not. Or where an operator has any non-industry standard policies – we would provide necessary warnings to others.
  • Removal from the SailChecker Platform. Operators who are not complying with the highest possible standards will be removed from our search results completely.
  • Removal from the Booking Engines.  We receive data from a variety of booking systems. The owners of the Booking Engines do take action against offending operators. This is extremely serious for the operator who will no longer appear in any web search if they are removed.
Unrivalled Support – Industry Leading

In the event of a dispute or any other issue arising between you and the Fleet Operator, SailChecker will always offer to act as your advisor and advocate on a goodwill and best endeavours basis. With your permission and where appropriate we will negotiate and apply pressure on your behalf.

As a result, you will experience:

  • The benefit of our extended experience of the market.
  • An increased likelihood an operator will act in the case of a dispute.
  • Additional help, guidance and support during any dispute.
Your Commitment
Binding Instructions

Once we accept your instructions to book a boat your booking will be treated as binding and your option set to booked and you will be committed to paying the first installment in all circumstances. If you do change your mind, you may be able to claim on your insurance, depending on the terms and conditions and your reasons. It is Subject to Contract, which means the charter company can still reject our offer at this point.

Subject to Contract

Whilst you will have made a binding commitment, the operator can still decline our offer. This is rare; they may also be able to cancel if you cannot meet the conditions of charter, e.g. qualifications. If the charter company cancels, there will be nothing to pay. If you have any queries, you should ask your charter consultant for advice before accepting the charter.


Your contract is always between you and the operator. Typically a copy is signed at operator’s base. You can always ask your consultant for a copy of this contract in advance.


Our preferred payment method is Bank Transfer. You will receive an invoice from SailChecker and our bank account details.

Cancellation Policy

By booking, you accept the cancellation policy set out by the Charter Operator (please ask your charter consultant if you are in any doubt). Typically a 50% non-refundable deposit is payable on giving us your instructions to book and a non-refundable final payment 56 days before departure. The initial deposit is non-refundable in all circumstances and we strongly advise customers pursue adequate insurance to cover this risk.

For your Peace of Mind

For your security & protection: We are a registered Data Controller in the UK with the Information Commissioner’s Office registration number Z3030191. Please consult our Privacy Policy for further details. We have a policy of not sharing your details with any third party.

Permission to Act on Your behalf

Completing the form below formally gives us permission to lawfully take and act on your instructions. Typically we confirm your booking and check any material changes with you within 48 hours.

Credit Card Details

Your card will not be charged unless you indicate otherwise. We may reserve funds (pre-auth) until your wire or bank transfer has arrived, particularly for short notice charters. Payments made by credit card carry a surcharge; your consultant will be more than happy to explain all the payment options to you.

American Express

We are delighted to accept American Express cards. Please note, with all payments using this method will be in Great British Pounds and converted to your currency by American Express.

Please find a detailed overview:

  • Instructions Updated. Once we have receive your binding commitment, we will pass your instructions to the Fleet Operator.
  • Offer. By now you should have a clear understanding of the offer made by the Fleet Operator. We act as a disclosed agent, and although we do everything we can to avoid errors, we are not liable for the errors made by the Fleet Operator.
  • Invoice Received. The charter agent with produce your invoice and we will forward it asking you to deposit any outstanding amounts. Typically 50% on booking and any balance 56 days before charter.  (Some payments will be at the base; these vary, but will be included on your invoice).
  • Acknowledgments. For each installment we receive acknowledgement that your funds have been deposited in our Client Account.
  • Transfer.
    For each installment your funds are transferred to the Fleet Operator. An acknowldegment of payment will appear on your 'Client Booking Page'.
  • Boarding Pass.  After the final payment, the charter agent will issue a Boarding Pass or Base Information Voucher, containing specific details of the base location, transfer details if applicable and contact numbers for key staff.
  • Support.  Whether it's before you travel, during check-in, whilst you are sailing, after you return to base or even after you have returned home, we will be there to support you should you encounter any difficulties.
* Exceptions exist.

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