What is the cancellation policy on my bareboat yacht charter?

Our advice on cancellation policies

Important things to know about Cancellation policies

SailChecker uniquely partners all of the 350+ yacht charter operators worldwide. Whilst we can off every yacht, we only recommend the best, taking into account a range of criteria, including cancellation policies.  Whilst of our partners has their own cancellation policy, we are able to study and compare them to ensure we give you the best advice. The reality is, charter  holiday operator providers all have remarkably similar terms and conditions, in this blog we set out to help you understand them better.

Independent Versus Pacakage Deals

The travel market is broadly split into two categories, package holidays and independent travel.  With packages, your flights and other aspects of your yacht charter are bundled together. Here there is some level compensation if something goes wrong (which varies), but typically get a much narrower choice and sometimes you will pay more.

Independent Travel allows specialist agents to offer you a much wider selection of yachts at much more competitive rates, however, you will need to ensure you have adequate cancellation cover. The Independent travel sector is enjoying massive growth in its own right and with it better-designed insurance products to cover all manner of travellers. You will have to a little research in your own home market, to help we have provided a short guide to help you understand what you need and what to look for.

What is in a Standard Agreement?

We take a look at a typical cancellation policy.

Most standard yacht charter agreements state that you are required to pay between 30% and 50% at the time of booking and the balance 4-6 weeks before departure. Most companies will not refund any of this on cancellation.

We are passionate about ensuring our customers are covered in any eventuality. On a case by case basis we will try and negotiate something better than the policy. We highly recommend that you take out adequate insurance to cover both charter and travel plans.  Here are some key elements to consider.

  • Airline Cover. Not all policies will cover you if your airline goes into administration. Please do check this provision.
  • Supplier Failure Cover. One again this is not a standard feature in many holiday insurance policies.

This article is looking specifically at cancellation. If you are interested in learning about personal insurance or yacht charter excess follow ths links on this page (opens in a new browser).

Are all Agents the same?

We compare the market to SailChecker.com.

In respect of the cover you can expect from cancellation, the answer to this is, broadly, yes. There are some other differences that you might want to understand.

SailChecker acts as a disclosed agent, which means we tell you the name of your charter operator. Other companies chose to market their partners fleets as their own (non-disclosed agents), or simply do not reveal the agent until a firm booking has been made.In either case, this means that you are subject to the terms and conditions of the operator and not the agents. Agents give a service to customers for free, taking a commission or a fee from the operators.

In either case, this means that you are subject to the terms and conditions of the operator and not the agents. Agents give a service to customers for free, taking a commission or a fee from the operators.

We believe that we are different for two reasons. We are very open and transparent about our role and the way we operate. This enabled us to use our experience not just to “check” for the best prices, but help you compare and understand all the key elements of your charter.

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Booking through an Agent

Is there any advantage of booking through an agent like SailChecker?

The most important thing to say is that you are never worse off. Most yacht charter operators allow their trusted agents to discount  yachts whilst promising not to undercut their agents. So you are highly likely to get a better deal.

This means you get a complete layer of improved service for free. Agents can answer all your questions giving independent advice. Ask any Yacht Charter operator if they maintain their yachts to a high standard and have enough staff at their bases, they will all say, “yes!”. A good agent will know which companies have the best yachts and service standards and involve themselves in maintaining them.

One final advantage you have from booking with an agent is they can also arbitrate between a client and a supplier in the event of a dispute. Read here how we helped someone get a significant refund and enjoy their yacht charter holiday.

Got a question? Please leave a comment below and see how quickly we respond!  If you would prefer, please contact us below for more information.

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